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Jim working with Sage on leash.

Volunteer Resources
If you are interested in volunteering, we will soon be providing information on Rescues in different areas who need help.

To Purchase a signed copy of Kettle Creek by Jim Windwalker, Click this link.

All Proceeds from the sale of Kettle Creek go to support the Defend The wolves Rescue.

Adoption Sites
We have had a number of requests on information for onsite adoptions. We will be providing these linkls as soon as we can confirm everything. If you have suggestions for information you would like us to add to our site please let us know.
Defend The Wolves
Defend The Wolves is the Wolf Rescue Project Supported and owned by the First Nations Outreach project.
For centuries humans have sought to extinguish the Wolf People. Not because the Wolf is dangerous, but because of mans perception of danger. The facts are simple. Wolves have never sought to remove humans from the earth and have never committed crimes against humanity. It is not the wolf that is the criminal. It is Man. Consider the loss of the many creatures of the earth. Creatures who were lost simply because of the greed of man.The conflict between man and wolf is not due to the efforts or actions of the wolf. It is man who has created this conflict. Yet is it not man who declares that all the world should live at peace? Yet how can the Wolf People live at peace when the yare being murdered by Man?

We are embarking on a new journey. We believe that rescue is not alone, enough. we must find ways to do more. We believe that for our efforts to have a lasting effect we must also find ways to establish, re-establish and obtain land to create habitat for endangered species. We are currently working on expanding the Defend the Wolves rescue into the Defend The Wolves and Wildlife Rescue We hope to soon add cougars and bears as well as smalller wildlife to the rescue list. Not only endangered and at risk wildlife, but we also hope to rehab all wildlife in our area. Many times we see animals that could be saved, yet we have little hope of saving them without some means of doing so. We need your assistance in these efforts. So please help us in any way you can. Even if it is only the spreading of the word of our site along the way. Your efforts as always are appreciated.
Defend The Wolves and Wildlife Rescue Project:
The Defend the Wolves and Wildlife Rescue Project is the foundation of the First Nations Outreach Projects Environmental programs.

The Wolf rescue project is seven years old and currently houses twenty seven animals. Currently the Rescue Project is kicking off a massive Wildlife and Environmental project. The program extends to several areas of wildlife and conservation.
1. Rescue and restoration of wolves. While the majority of wolves rescued by the Rescue Project are captive raised and can never be released in the wild, the Rescue Project believes in furthering Wolf Education in areas of release or proposed release. Pre education in these areas are indeed crucial to the future success of wolf restoration.
2. Local and National Wolf and Wildlife Education programs directed at K thru 12 grade students as well as University level students. As well as community based education programs.
3. Rescue of Endangered, Protected and at risk species; The rescue Project is expanding to the rescue of bears, cougars, small animals and any other wildlife rehab and rescue that may be needed in the areas where our Organization will have access to these animals.Included in this project is also a Raptor Rehab and rescue program as well.
4. The wolf and Wildlife Rescue Project is also seeking ways to restore, develop or improve Wildlife habitat. This will include purchasing land for habitat, as well as improving and developing habitat on these properties. Reforestation is a primary goal in this area. The Rescue Project will seek to return the areas of wildlife habitat to as near indigenous for that area as possible. Wild life rehab is of little effect without proper habitat. In many cases in controlled areas, captive raised wildlife may be reintroduced into certain controlled habitats and gain the skills to survive on their on. While this is not particularly an area that draws strong support from some researchers, it is an area which the Rescue has indeed enjoyed small successes in the past and will develop programs to improve efforts in this area. as well as reforestation.
The Rescue Project will also seek to restore all natural fauna as well as any wetlands that may fall into our management areas.
6. The over all efforts of the First Nations Outreach Project is help to restore the balance between man and nature to as great a degree as possible. Knowing that the resources of the earth must last man forever, it is important to develop a singular spiritual bond between Man, Earth and the Creatures who share the earth with us.
If you are interested in first hand interactive volunteer work, please contact us. Email Defend The Wolves Our Copyright Notice: All trademarks mentioned herein belong to their respective owners. Unless identified with the designation "COPY FREE", the contents of this website is copyrighted by "First Nations Outreach Project". "The First Nations Outreach Project" hereby authorizes you to copy documents published by "The First Nations Outreach Project" on the World Wide Web for non-commercial use within your organization only. In consideration of this authorization, you agree that any copy of these documents you make shall retain all copyright and other proprietary notices contained herein. You may not otherwise copy or transmit the contents of this website either electronically or in hard copies. You may not alter the content of this website in any manner. If you are interested in using the contents of this website in any manner except as described above, please contact "Your webmaster" at for information on licensing. Individual documents published by "The First Nations Outreach Project" on the World Wide Web may contain other proprietary notices and copyright information specific to that individual document. Nothing contained herein shall be construed as conferring by implication, estoppel or otherwise any license or right under any patent, trademark or other property right of "The First Nations Outreach Project" or any third party. Except as expressly provided above nothing contained herein shall be construed as conferring any license or right under any copyright or other property right of "The First Nations Outreach Project" or any third party. Note that any product, process, or technology in this document may be the subject of other intellectual property rights reserved by "The First Nations Outreach Project" and may not be licensed here under.

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