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The Issues
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The Cause

Most of the problems facing the Klamath Tribes revolve around the 3rd generation occupation of Tribal Land by "Farmers" with an idea that it is feasable to farm "High Desert" land.
The Klamath Tribes hold the water rights to the basin, and the Farmers overirrigation demands more water than can or be should be supplied.

The problems that we see here are typical of all of Indian Country.
One of the problems that does exist there that is not always common is the lack of a large enough Tribal Land Base to create a buffer zone for the Tribes from the non Indian population..

The Klamath Tribes

The Klamath Tribes consist of members from the Klamath, Modoc and Yahooskin Tribes.

Local Government

The local Government as usual who is contrtolled by the Farmers is biaased against the Indian Community. The  level of corruption is generally high and extends to many different areas.
The judicial branch is impossible for Tribal Members. It remains impossible for Indians to have any hope for a fair trrial due to the fact that any jury selected wil lconsist of those who are a part of teh farming community.

Oregon High Desert In Klamath County
Farming The Desert