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First Nations Commission On Civil Rights
Volunteer Positions

Volunteer Positions

Currently all positions are volunteer positions we hope to rectify this as soon as possible.

Positions Needed


Must have a strong background in Indian Law or willing to develop skills in this area.


We need people with skills in all levels of research. Both Internet and Archival.


We need reliable Investigators in all areas including but not limited to Missing Persons and Unsolved Crimes.


Fund raisers should be experienced in all or one of the following levels of fundraising. Community, local, state or National.


Paralegals should be experienced researching Federal and Constitutional Law. Also we need people with International Law experience.

Resource Specialists

Emphasis on Community and Human Resources. Family and Community oriented.

Community Volunteers

Community Awareness Volunteers..We need people to make their communities aware that they do have Civil Rights and that we can help secure those rights. The only requirement for this position is the willingness to go in person into your community and tell people what can be done.

If you are skilled in any of the above areas and would like ot get involved, please email us with you name and skill levels....We look forward to hearing fom you soon.

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Together we can make a difference, but it will take ALL of US.