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First Nations Commission On Civil Rights

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2004 Election: Voting Right Violations!

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First nations Commission On Civil Rights

Welcome To The First Nations Commission On Civil Rights.

Civil Rights

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Welcome to American Indian Foundation For Law And Justice. We provide free legal information concerning the Civil Rights of First Nations People. We also will provide many links to other laws pertaining to American Indian People. While the focus of this site is Civil Rights, we do not do legal representation in any area. Our staff consists of professionals and lay people who are concerned with the Civil Rights and Human Rights issues facing First Nations People in the United States, Canada, Central America, South America and Mexico. If you are interested in helping in these areas please E-Mail us at our address here.

Our primary focus is on the CRIMINAL aspects of Civil Rights Laws. We help to see that violators of Civil Rights are punished through the Civil Rights laws.

If you or someone that you know has been subjected to Civil Rights Violations, then you should contact our Director at the Email Link below as soon as possible.

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Staff Members

Vivian Gill /Director

Dakota Nation

Jim Windwalker/Chief Investigator-Civil Rights Division

Cherokee Nation

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Justice is a Right...not a privilege !!!!!!!

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